Today’s fuel costs and unprecedented congestion at logistic hubs are some notable issues shippers face. Not to mention driver shortages! Because of this, many shipping companies are looking for new and innovative solutions to these problems.

Shippers must implement drayage technologies in their process. Shippers can also optimize their practices to overcome these challenges by integrating in-container drayage services with advanced technology while letting go of outdated ones.

In this article, Shadow Group is here to help you understand drayage logistics and the role drayer technology plays in the process.

How Technology Can Simplify Drayage Logistics

As a company that strives to provide top container drayage services, we know how challenging it can be during today’s rapidly changing market era. Shippers can improve efficiency when container drayage services implement innovative technology, resulting in lower customer costs. Some of these improvements can result in the following:

  • Improved data analytics
  • Accessible troubleshooting
  • Streamlined management
  • Improved communication
  • Enhanced networking

Better Customer Experience

Many common errors can come from traditional drayage solutions, from recording errors to missed voicemail messages. Drayage container services must avoid relying on outdated technology to maintain today’s customer standards.

Providing customers shipment visibility by integrating all the vital logistics information into a single portal is essential in today’s market. This way, they have access to logistics solutions with visibility to their shipment, port-side access, drayage trip, order status and many more.

Always Growing, Always Improving

Shadow Group understands technology’s importance in providing the most efficient container drayage services, especially in today’s market. Optimizing these practices helps the shippers enhance their efficiency while minimizing damages to shipments coming out of a hazardous warehouse.

While Shadow Group boasts over 50 years of trucking experience, we are still always looking to improve our functionality by doubling down on our strengths and improving upon our weaknesses. Our expert team of highly qualified and trained drayage operators works to ensure the job is done correctly, on time, and to your satisfaction.

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