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Transportation of your products requires a lot of commitment and safety. When you come to The Shadow Group of Companies, you can be assured we put the time and effort in to make sure your loads arrive in the same condition as when we received it.

Do you have many different transportation needs?

We can get your products where they need to be, safely and efficiently by providing a wide range of transportation services for a variety of industries. What type of transport equipment do we use when shipping your products?

  • Container chassis
  • Step decks
  • Low beds
  • Flat Decks
  • Pneumatic tanks

Transportation service

Our highly trained operators work to achieve the optimum result through a series of supply chain management tools. We take care of everything from the actual transport to the delivery. Our logistics solutions can track shipments to ensure that you get a quick delivery, cost efficiency and quality transportation. With our fully licenced and bonded drivers, we take care of all your shipping needs throughout North America

Our services range from

Line Haul Transportation Service

Transporting containers, freights, and oversized loads

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Transloading Transportation Services
Bulk Pneumatic

Transporting dry bulk commodities

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Transport Logistics Solutions

Transferring goods from one container to a trailer for furtherance

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Bulk Transport Solutions

Providing brokerage and transportation solutions

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What is transloading in the transport industry
Container Drayage

Tracking and tracing transported items, monitoring ERD and LFD cut off dates, and rail billing plus reservations

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Stop doing the time-consuming legwork yourself and get what you need where you need it with Shadow Group.

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