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From ship to shore and rail to truck, transloading gets your freight delivered on time and intact.

Transloading Transportation Services

Transloading is the transferring of goods from one mode of transportation to another. This most commonly occurs when containers arrive at a port and need to be delivered to points elsewhere. Unloading a container and placing the goods onto a trailer is ultimately more cost-effective for long-distance delivery points.

Transloading is simply a procedure that involves transferring a shipment from one transportation method to another. It’s typically utilized when one shipping medium cannot be used for the full distance of the trip, like when products must be delivered to international destinations overseas.

The Utility of Transloading Transportation Services

Since most items being shipped today are transported in containers, these containers are specifically constructed to be moved from ships directly to a variety of transportation methods. Transporting by rail and ships are the most economical ways to move products, but in practice, many items will require a large or small truck to deliver the goods to the final destination. All of this is accomplished through transloading.

Seamless Delivery, Every Time

Do you need to store your shipment for a specific period? Transloading with The Shadow Group means safekeeping of your product so that when it’s ready to be delivered, it arrives safely. Let us take care of the necessary steps to ensure a smooth ride for all your containers. Providing the optimum transfers and connections gets your cargo delivered when and where it needs to be with minimized handling to reduce incidents.


The Shadow Group Guarantee

The Shadow Group is an asset-operated business with over 500 pieces of machinery to meet your line haul, transloading, and logistics needs. Our equipment includes, but is by no means limited to: flat decks, low beds, and container chassis.

Our job is to find effective solutions for your shipping requirements, and the dedication to this task allows us to keep delivering quality service. Moreover, our committed fleet of seasoned operators will assist you in locating the proper piece of machinery or transportation method to meet your shipment needs.


What is a transload warehouse?

It’s a storage facility for goods and products. In order to transfer products from one delivery method to another, transloading requires storage facilities – rail yards, warehouses, storerooms, etc. The storage facility houses palletized goods that are sorted and organized in preparation for the next carrier.

What is a rail transloading facility?

Rail transload facilities are crucial for many companies’ delivery grids. These facilities are giant rail yards; created to allow for easement in the transloading process between delivery methods. Made up of an intricate network of tracks designed for depositing, organizing, as well as loading or unloading locomotives, rail transloading facilities are a crucial part of the delivery process.

What is the difference between cross-docking and transloading?

Cross-docking is considered to be the movement of a pallet (or group of pallets) from one truck (or delivery vehicle) to another. And transloading is the organizing and re-palletizing of the products, goods, and items. Both transloading and cross-docking services are distinct organizational activities that can produce many advantages for companies; particularly ones that use a third-party storage facility.

What is transloading equipment?

Transloading equipment is the machinery used to move materials, containers, goods, products, etc, upon the shipment’s arrival. Everything from cranes, forklifts, pallet jacks, to the delivery trucks themselves can all be considered as transloading equipment. And all are critical for the smooth delivery of the shipment.

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