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Our line haul team is experienced in moving everything from containers, general freight to oversized loads requiring specialized permitting and pilot cars throughout Canada and the USA. The top priority of our team is to keep your shipment moving on time and on budget.

Line Haul Transportation Service

We run a large fleet that includes tridem and quad axle 53 ft flat decks, step decks and low beds, single and double drop trailers for over dimensional freight. Our high ratio of equipment to tractors allows us the flexibility to handle large projects. Our interconnected network can take your freight from depots, ports, and railways across North America. We offer line hauling operations for you.

As an asset-oriented company possessing more than 500 pieces of machinery, we have several terminals and freight segments designed for different aspects of the industry. This allows us to handle difficulties and surmount obstacles more efficiently during the transportation process from start to finish.

Line Haul Transportation

Trust the experts. Shadow Group boasts over 50 years of experience in the trucking and transportation industry. This, combined with our trained and qualified team of operators allows us to meet your trucking and transporting needs.


What is line haul transportation?

Line-haul transportation is the utilization of freight to move large loads of materials over long distances via air, rail lines, waterways, or roads. Freight fluctuates in volume and capacity. The whole of the transportation profession runs smoothly with the application of a Line Haul system in place.

What is a line haul cost?

There is no one size fits all for line haul costs. And this is due to each delivery having vastly different specifications: Different methods of transportation are used to reach certain locations, certain deliveries carry larger loads, other carriers have to travel longer distances, and so on and so forth. This entails that a final cost really comes down to the details unique to your particular shipment.

What does the term line haul mean?

Line haul refers to the shipment of goods using different methods of transportation. It can be by air, land, water, between cities, warehouses, and other facilities, etc. In short, it’s the delivery of products from one location to another using a multitude of transportation mediums.

What's the difference between line haul and long haul?

Line haul drivers typically return home once their shift is over. But a long haul operator will spend countless hours driving and often be away from their home for weeks at a time. The differentiator between the two is the working hours. Line haul has a set schedule whereas long haul works around the clock.

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