Safety & Experience

Hauling dry products requires care and proper equipment. Our bulk division specializes in the transportation of dry products including lime, fly ash, cement, magnesium oxide in Western Canada. Our fleet contains SuperB’s, tridem and tandem tanks, a combination of Aluminum and Steel sets.

Our experience and excellence in the industry is something you can rely on. Our pneumatic trailers are fully equipped with the proper hoses, vacuums, and blowers to ensure efficient delivery of product.  Whether you are transporting products with high volume or weight, we can handle the task.

Our operations staff and drivers are well versed in the requirements of the Oil & Gas industry as well as the construction industry.  We understand the importance in these industries to know that their products are transported without worrying about dangerous spills or mishandling along the way.

It is not about just hauling a product from point a to b, it is about taking care of all the little details to ensure the bulk goods get to where they need to be in the optimum way.   Each driver is safety oriented, fully trained and has the knowledge to deliver your product to the final destination in a safe and efficient manner.  Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, high volume blowers and are designed for maximum payload.

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