Goods and products don’t deliver themselves – assistance is needed. And this aid arrives in the form of a transportation mode that allows for efficient and on-time deliveries. And that’s where the utility of drayage services comes in. Container drayage services are used to transport goods and products over short distances. As such, the shipping process involves moving container freight – typically containing contents of a nonperishable variety – within the same metropolitan area.

Moreover, these deliveries typically take place between ports, railyards, and other shipping facilities. Container drayage services in both Canada and the USA are moved via trucks and are in high demand in bustling port cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. Keep reading to learn more.

‍The Origins of Container Drayage Shipping

The origins of drayage services actually extend further back than you may think. As a matter fact, the word “drayage” comes from the term “dray.” This term describes an old wagon or carriage that means low cart with no sides, pulled by horses. Clearly, these carriages were unable to manage distant hauls – and as a result – could only transport goods over smaller distances between towns, villages, and other boroughs.
This primitive technology was fully utilized until the dawn of the twentieth century when modern automobiles replaced it.

How Container Drayage Affects Intermodal Transportation

Even though container drayage appears to be a rather insignificant link in the grand scheme of things, it actually anything but. In fact, container drayage services have a considerable responsibility in the supply chain as a whole. A fast and efficient pick up of freight and an effortless shipment to the next port allows for a smooth experience with every delivery. For this reason, the right equipment, in addition to orderly load planning, are critical for drayage transportation to go smoothly.

Intermodal shipping makes up a large portion of the total freight movement. This entails that using container drayage carriers or drayage shipping services – which is mainly moved via a container – is crucial for businesses that ship intermodal.

What Services Are Included With Container Drayage Shipping?

The services included with container shipping encompass its method of delivery. Some of these services include transportation of freight from port to port, port to railyard, port to a shipping hub, as well as facility to port, railyard, or even to another facility. At this point, you may be curious as to how the drayage transportation process unfolds.

The process of intermodal drayage begins with receiving a freight container at the harbour, warehouse, port, etc. This is then followed by the separation of the contents within the container, where they are then loaded and shipped to the next terminus.

Trucks handle the short distance shipping drayage. And as a result, companies using drayage services require precise scheduling and shipment organization.

3PL Container Drayage Services

Businesses that utilize drayage services require precise planning and accurate shipping details. This is where the use of a third-party logistics provider (or 3PL) can be of utility. In the end, any prosperous logistics undertaking begins with detailed planning. For this reason, you’ll want to do all you can to locate a dependable transportation collaborator.
Whenever you’re required to pick up cargo and transport it to the next port, drayage services are needed in order to bridge that distance.


Container drayage services are an indispensable link in the delivery process. Without which, you’d be hard-pressed to find and enjoy many of the common goods and products you very well take for granted. For this reason, it’s important to understand the necessity of this valuable service.

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