Deliveries are an inescapable part of commerce in B.C. Every day, goods and products are hauled from one location to another using various transportation mediums. Railways, planes, ships, drayage, etc., are all integrated into the supply chain. This concept keeps things operational; however, with such a vast network, problems inevitably arise from time to time.

For this reason, logistical solutions in B.C. are an integral part of a smooth delivery; at The Shadow Group, we are an asset-based company offering transportation services in B.C. And with a team of experienced truckers, operators, and maintenance personnel, we are here to meet your logistics and delivery needs.

Innovative Logistics Solutions

Logistics is the process of planning, executing, and managing the transportation of goods and products within a supply chain. This process begins at the origin point and is complete upon the consumption of the goods. Different logistics corporations will manage certain aspects of the delivery logistics (or even all of them) based on the logistical necessities of their clients.

At The Shadow Group, we offer innovative solutions for your logistics requirements. In addition, we do the heavy lifting on your behalf regarding the planning and implementation of your delivery service.

B.C. Transportation Services

As an asset-based company, The Shadow Group owns over 500 pieces of equipment and machinery. Consequently, we are equipped with the resources necessary to handle almost any logistics problem in B.C. Here are a few methods we employ:

  • Local container drayage: This transportation service delivers goods from a port or harbour to a predetermined destination.
  • Dry powder bulk deliveries: Dry bulk material is unpackaged product imported in big containers via sea and delivered to producers or manufacturers. Some examples include grains, coal, etc.
  • Transloading: Transloading refers to transferring products from one transportation mode to another on the way to their final destination.

Next Step: Get Assistance for Your Logistics Solutions and Transportation Needs

Both logistics solutions and transportation services are paramount for a seamless shipping experience. And discovering unique solutions for our client’s transportation requirements ensures we deliver the best quality service possible. And with over 5 decades of industry experience, we are a devoted team of operators and specialists ready to serve.

Contact us today for assistance with your logistics and transportation needs.

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