There are many components that go into intermodal shipping. As such, it’s important to understand the subtle nuances between similar modes of transportation. Why? Because as you will soon see, those “tiny distinctions” are actually big differentiators. Case and point, the differences between line haul and long haul trucking.

Line haul transportation services in Canada are different than long haul services. And by understanding the contrast, a more smooth and efficient trucking experience will be the end result. Keep reading to learn more.

Line Haul vs Long Haul Trucking: What’s the Difference?

The line-haul network in Canada is extensive. For this reason, understanding its process is crucial. As such, the line-haul process can be described as moving freight and other large loads long distances, or in between cities using any mode of transportation (air, roads, railways, waterways, etc). Loads will fluctuate in size and mass, and all of these variables will play a role in the line-haul logistics process.

Long haul trucking, on the other hand, is a trucking model that relies strictly on the truck to travel the vast distances. In fact, with some trips, truckers may be expected to spend days or even weeks on the road since the journey can’t be made in a single day. With this being the case, truckers will typically sleep in a motel or even in their cabins if no other alternatives are available.

How to Reduce Drivers’ Turnover Rates

The trucking industry is known for its inordinately high turnover rate. Due to the excessive amount of time drivers spend in their vehicles, it’s easy to understand why this is the case. To prevent this, it’s ideal for companies to ensure their truckers job is as effortless as possible.

This can include providing high quality equipment, ensuring the cabin is snug and comfortable, assisting truckers with traffic issues, etc. All of these strategies can help to address employee turnover.

There is no magic bullet that can instantaneously fix this problem. However, little things such as providing a good working environment and treating your employees right can all help to improve fleet retention.

Prioritizing Drivers Will Make Them Happier

The prioritization of truckers is what will keep them around. When truckers feel valued and appreciated, they won’t want to leave their jobs. They will hold the line and remain dedicated to the company, its values, and its mission to provide the best possible transportation services to their customers.

This all falls under the best practices for employee management. And while no company can retain 100% of its employees all the time, by implementing the appropriate strategies, they will drastically enhance the probability of retaining the ones who matter most.

In Summary

To summarize: the line haul process involves transporting freight over long distances using any mode of transportation, whether it be the road, the air, waterways, etc. Whereas long haul trucking involves transporting loads vast distances strictly using a truck as the means of transportation.

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