Here’s a contradiction: stagnant logistics. These terms are in complete opposition to one another. In the realm of logistics, particularly line haul transportation, there are a myriad of components working in unison. For example, there’s freight being transported from city to city (or even from country to country), the freight can also get moved via different methods of transportation, from different hubs and ports, or producers and consumers, the list is unending.

But let’s slow down and try to gain a greater understanding of line-haul transportation and logistics in Canada and USA by getting to the brass tacks of the conversation.

Line-Haul Transportation: What is it?

Line-haul logistics is simply the carrying of cargo, freight, goods, products, etc, across different mediums of transportation. This can include by air, road, rail, waterways, etc – while being shipped between cities and other regions. The cargo being transported by these deliverables is not similar in category, and as a result, varies greatly. The scope alters from small bundles all the way to hefty pallets.

Products that have the same (or similar) drop-off points are merged in trailers allocated for long distances. Then, they are delivered to one or possibly several distribution warehouses for further cataloging and assortment.

Once the shipment has reached a sorting warehouse, the products undergo one more sequence of integration before they are shipped to the final terminus. This elongated string of infrastructure (hubs, dock executives, drivers, distribution facilities, etc) is coined by the term line haul network.

The Necessity of Line-Haul Tracking

A primary element of a strong and efficient line haul operation is utilizing virtual tools to improve line haul tracking capabilities. Such tools will enhance not only the robustness of corporations, but also carriers to gain instantaneous visibility of the operations of line haul trucks. As a result, stakeholders can obtain crucial information and insight about the performance of carriers (SLA adherence, delivery success and failure rates, etc).

Additionally, line haul also upgrades the customer experience through very precise ETAs, trimming delivery time, and enhancing transparency in regard to the success rates of deliveries. Line haul tracking gives customers the arrival time of parcels and improves the success of first-attempt deliveries, dramatically.

International line haul oragnizations are welcoming intelligent platforms for delivery management to organize and improve current freight deliveries.

Main Areas Affected by a Line Haul Carrier

  • Freight delivery between cities
  • Time of delivery
  • Transportation of products to and from storehouses
  • Transportation of products to and from sorting depositories
  • Cost of transportation

The Difference Between Line Haul and Long Haul

The main variable that separates line haul and long haul trucking is in the schedules. Line haul truckers work in shifts like a regular 9 to 5 job. Therefore, once a shift is complete, they return home at the end of the day. On the other hand, long haul drivers can spend days (or possibly even weeks) on the road.

The Benefits of Line Haul Trucking

The intricate chain of sequences relating to line haul transportation can make it seem like a complex and daunting process. And while it can become quite convoluted at times, its benefits far outweigh any of the difficulties that may arise. As such, here are some of the advantages of line haul trucking:

  • Trimmed trucking costs
  • Better delivery production
  • Improved 3PL/carrier management
  • Improved delivery experience
  • Quicker delivery times, and more

Final Thoughts

Line haul transportation is a critical component in the supply chain. It helps keep things operational, ensures goods are delivered, and is a reliable and flexible mode of transportation. As such, it is highly valued within the trucking industry as a dependable delivery service.

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