Line haul transportation involves many moving parts and relies on a network of manufacturers, dock workers, sorters, drivers, receivers, and more to be a successful operation. Thanks to logistics transportation services in Calgary, the process of delivering goods from one end of the country to the other is efficient, reliable, and runs like a well-oiled machine.

But the question is – how does the line haul transportation process work from start to finish? Keep reading to learn more.

A simplified, step-by-step process of line haul transportation

By definition, the process of line haul transportation refers to moving goods in-between cities by different modes of transportation, whether by air, road, rail, or waterways. It technically starts with couriers, carriers, and professional line haul logistics providers receiving goods/freights from their clients.

The exact procedures and movements differ, depending on the type of freight and goods being distributed. However, you can expect a line haul plan to follow these steps from start to finish:

  • Sorting and consolidation – Goods are sorted and consolidated according to similar destinations. These goods are then loaded onto trucks and taken to either a dock, airport, rail transportation, or another depot for line haul trucking.
  • Transportation between cities – The goods are transported between cities and arrive at a depot. They are then sent to one or multiple distribution facilities for further sorting.
  • Movement of goods to sorting facilities – Goods are then sorted one final time before they are loaded onto delivery trucks to reach their final destination.

Line haul transportation takes an incredible amount of management, logistics, and communication. The transportation industry Рespecially Calgary’s line haul trucking Рhas benefited from digital innovations. With smart GPS systems and intuitive technology, line haul transportation has become more precise and efficient with to-the-minute updates. This allows manufacturers and commercial businesses to provide their clients and customers with an accurate ETA of their products.

Third-party logistics transportation services in Calgary offer a network of stakeholder connections across North America to ensure the shipment of goods goes smoothly. When it comes to transportation and getting your goods to your end customer, every detail matters.

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