Have you ever considered how many commodities are transported from place to place on a daily basis? These products come from all over the world via cargo ships, trains, planes, and trucks. In order to get goods safely and securely to their destination, at some point you may require dry bulk transportation.

As transport companies in Calgary know, moving loose cargo from place to place is an essential part of the supply chain that involves shipping items such as plastics, metals, coal, grains and other energy materials. The process involved follows a few steps from loading to unloading pneumatic cylinders.

Transport company in Calgary
Transport company in Calgary


The department of transportation sets the limits for weights and volumes of dry bulk transportation goods. You can rely on a reputable transport company in Calgary to provide you with all the details pertaining to the rules and regulations for loose cargo.

Weight and volume are not the same and can vary greatly from product to product, so it is important you know how each commodity can affect the gross vehicle weight. Staying within the regulated limits will keep you safe on the road and keep you from receiving any tickets for violations.


Depending on the product being carried, the loading process can be quite simple or a little more involved. Items like grains, sand, and clay get loaded into a cylinder made of metal. Gravity plays a huge role in getting the commodities into the container from a silo via a chute.

Other products needing to be transferred from rail cargo cars require air pressure to get items ready for transport. This could involve vacuum equipment with hoses and other equipment.


When the driver arrives at the destination to unload the cargo, there are processes in place to make everything run smoothly. There will be a series of paperwork involved indicating the type of cargo, origin, weight, time, and other important information. When given the go ahead, the driver can proceed to unload the product into a silo at the destination.


After the dry bulk transportation cargo has been offloaded from the pneumatic cylinder, the container needs to be cleaned before any other items can be loaded in. Cleaning is a very important process so as not to contaminate whatever is being shipped next. Depending on the product that was in the container, the washing process may be as simple as a high-pressure water wash or it may require specialized cleaning at a certified site. Everything must be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to receiving another shipment.

Dry bulk transportation is essential to many industries. When you are considering a full-service transport company, look for one with a proven track record. From logistics to all your transportation needs, when your business is trucking goods across Canada and the United States, a reputable company can help keep you on the road.

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