British Columbia is a vast province. For this reason, long-haul shipments are typically required to bridge such distances when delivering goods to their destination. However, many times smaller expanses need to be covered as well. When such is the case, a different delivery method is required; this situation is when BC container drayage services are necessary.

At The Shadow Group, we have over 5 decades of trucking experience. Consequently, our team is trained and qualified to help get your delivery to its intended destination on time. And container drayage in BC is a helpful method to ensure that outcome.

What You Need to Know About BC Container Drayage Service

In the logistics and shipping industries, drayage is the process of transporting goods over short distances. It is typically a segment of a more extended, widespread activity, such as from a vessel to a storehouse. A BC container drayage service is defined as a pickup from or shipment to a harbour, inland port, intermodal terminal, etc., with the beginning and end points close to one another.
Drayage is critical in transferring freight to and from other transportation methods.

Why Choose Container Drayage in BC?

As previously stated, BC container drayage services deliver goods and products over short distances. They are a fragment of a larger, more “across-the-board” delivery and logistics supply chain network. This segregated aspect of the supply chain offers many benefits. Some of these include:

  • Affordability: Shipping goods over short distances is cheaper than other delivery methods. You don’t have to foot the bill for specialized carriers or storage space.
  • Efficiency: Most harbours and ports are busy zones. Drayage services boost efficiency by helping the deliveries move quicker from the harbour to their destination.
  • Speed: Since drayage is generally the supply chain’s shortest segment, it can frequently be completed by a single truck driver in one shift and seldom lasts longer than a day

Save Time and Money with Your Next Shipment

BC container drayage services are excellent for maximizing efficiency. As such, they are an option you should consider for your next shipment. And here at The Shadow Group, we are the team of professionals who can ensure a smooth and seamless delivery of your goods and products.

As an asset-based company, we house hundreds of equipment and machinery to assist with your logistics and delivery needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you save time and money on your next shipment.

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