As a business owner, things can get complicated rather quickly – especially in regard to shipment and delivery services. The transportation of goods and products is such an intricate process due to all of the moving parts involved. As such, there are many things that can put a wrench in this kind of procedure. And that’s where intermodal trucking in addition to container drayage services in Canada and the USA can be of utility.

The benefits of these services are immense: a more seamless shipping experience, enhanced efficiency, affordability, etc. However, you may be curious to learn exactly what these services are and how they can streamline the delivery process in your business. Keep reading to learn more.

The Importance of Shipments and Deliveries

When it comes to commerce, few things are more important than the efficient and streamlined process of shipments and deliveries. This has become such an integral and all-encomapssing component of the North American economy, that the vast majority of us, pretty well take it for granted.

But think about it for a moment…

What would happen if all of the shipping and delivery services were knocked off-kilter, and as a result, brought to a standstill? Our shelves would be empty, businesses would be deprived of product, everything would come to a screeching halt.

The fragility of this fact is so prevalent, but at the same time, so out of mind for most people. And that’s why the streamlined process of shipments and deliveries is so important not just to our economy and our businesses, but to our way of life.

But with that said, at Shadow Group, we want you to be cognizant of the variations in transportation methods. As a business owner, you must be aware so you can make wise choices that will save you time, money (and frustration).

There are two main shipping services: container drayage and intermodal shipping.

Container Drayage and Intermodal Shipping Services: What’s the Difference?

On the surface, both container drayage and intermodal shipment services certainly share similarities. However, there are some stark differences between them that separate one from the other. Let’s take a look at a few of those distinctions.

Container Drayage Services

Drayage is a term that refers to the logistic service of moving freight short distances using the ground as the transportation medium. As such, drayage companies are utlized to move products, goods, etc, from city to city. Typically, this process is not suitable for long distances.

However, it can be a part of a larger operation that encompasses more substantial expanses of travel. This makes the drayage process smooth as it only requires a single truck driver, and can usually be completed within a day’s time.

And here at Shadow Group, we house a team of experienced trucking professionals who understand the importance of prompt deliveries.

Intermodal Services

Intermodal trucking services differ from container drayage services in that they utilize more than one medium of transportation to deliver goods. For example, rather than just a single truck driver delivering a shipping, intermodal shipping may include rail, plane, waterways, in addition to trucking services.

So while they both deliver goods and transport shipments, the difference lies in the multitude of methods used to ship these deliveries from one destination to another. Intermodal shipping is more complex as additional modes of transportation are often involved in the delivery process.


As a business owner, understanding the various forms of transport is crucial. It will allow you to make prudent decisions as to what options are best for you and your business. As such, a more streamlined process will ensue as a result of your due diligence.

Moreover, that’s what we here at Shadow Group want for you. And with over 50 years of trucking experience, our seasoned team of dedicated professionals can help ensure that outcome.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today for additional information.

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