Whatever your current business size, the goal is always to expand. This notion entails growing at a regional, national, or even international scale. But if you’re like most businesses in British Columbia, you probably require assistance at the local level. Regardless of your industry, BC logistics can assist with cutting time and costs to transport products.

And that’s where we here at Shadow Group can help. We are a dedicated, experienced, asset-based company with hundreds of pieces of equipment to meet your BC transportation needs. From BC container transport to other logistic service requirements, we are your trusted BC logistics company.

British Columbia Logistics Services

Shadow Group offers logistics services in British Columbia, operating through our Langley office. Shadow Group is an industry leader with high-quality BC container transport services that finds practical solutions to logistics problems. Everything from our experienced team to our robust equipment is geared toward providing customer satisfaction and on-time product deliveries.

Committed Logistics Providers

With an outstanding team of professionals, our BC transportation deliveries are timely, efficient, and effective in BC, across Canada, and the States. Our team is committed to efficient logistics services and works with clients to ensure a prompt and smooth delivery.

Our logistics professionals execute a process customized to your unique business needs. This strategy allows us to seamlessly fit the process into your current supply chain management system.

Shadow Group Services

We aim to help you grow and expand your business. For this reason, Shadow Group’s services are executed by experts in their field of operations to accomplish this goal. So whether you require transloading services for different segments of the delivery process or you need a detailed plan to execute a complex procedure, we’re here to help every step of the way.

View our services below to see which ones apply to you.

Container Drayage

Container drayage transports consist of short-distance trips that deliver goods and products to a particular destination. Drayage trucks deliver freight to and from specific locations, such as warehouses, storage lots, rail yards, container ships, etc.


A shipping term that describes the delivery of goods from one transportation medium to another, transloading ensures the on-time distribution of product deliveries. Long-haul loads typically involve several shipping organizations, numerous methods of transport, or both. That’s where transloading services from Shadow Group can be of utility.

Line Haul

Line-haul is the delivery of cargo to haul large loads between municipalities, cities, etc., over prolonged distances using highways, air, waterways, or rail lines. Deliveries fluctuate in size and weight. Moreover, the transportation industry operates efficiently using the Line Haul Network with high-volume functions.

Bulk Pneumatic

A bulk pneumatic tanker is an enormous body tank trailer that unloads through a pump and pushed air. It’s mainly employed to deliver construction materials and chemical or food products.

Experience the Advantages of BC Transportation Services

Don’t leave the expansion of your business to chance. There are too many variables not to have a team of professionals on your side to help streamline the process. At Shadow Group, our dedicated workforce has the experience and skill set required to help expand your company through BC logistics.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help with your BC transportation needs.

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