Working with the right logistics company is vital to optimizing the productivity of your business. And yet, many owners continue working with logistic services they are unhappy with.

There comes a time when a business owner needs to re-evaluate their logistic service providers and make the critical decision of continuing to work with them or switching to a more professional and efficient company.

Here are three signs to know it might be time to change your logistics company.

Unable to Access Key Information

Logistic services should have a streamlined system for clients to access basic information quickly and efficiently.

Whether from invoicing to other important documents, the logistics company you work with should be able to find the tools and resources you need to keep your business moving. If you have questions pertaining to transportation, warehousing, distribution etc., your distribution services should be able to give you prompt answers. Failure to do so could cause your business financial loss and overall frustration.

High Employee Turnover Rate

Being constantly transferred to new representatives from their logistic services can be highly frustrating. Time is wasted when you have to repeat yourself due to always being helped by someone new.

It is a lot more productive to be able to work with familiar representatives when it comes to unique details of an organization’s operations. Mainly if your business contains a wide range of information, you want to ensure your logistic services are considerate of this.

They Cannot Satisfy Your Requests

As a business owner, there are various ways you and your employees do things differently from your competitors to optimize productivity. So the logistic services company needs to understand and honour your particular requirements.

The logistic services company needs to build a unique relationship with each of its clients and be effective regarding special requests. If your requests are repeatedly overlooked, your logistic services may not value you as much as they should!

Go With Shadow Group

While many companies can do the job, Shadow Group strives to be the one that can do it right every time.

Through our in-house logistics solutions division, we can offer a wide variety of brokerage and transportation services throughout North America. We combine 50 years of trucking experience with modern technology and a dedicated team of professionals to provide the best resolution to our customer’s needs.

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